Park World Recreation Sdn. Bhd. has been renowned for its playground systems and leisure equipment of excellent quality and safety standards. Established since 1993, its commitment to high quality standards is certifiable by the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certificate and TUV-EN 1176 European Safety Certificate.

Park World Recreation demonstrates design strength through custom-made designs that exhibit works of creative innovation and impeccable beauty. Interplay Wet-Thrill and X-plore designs are both the latest additions to Park World Recreation's collection of playground systems and equipment.

As the pioneer manufacturer of playground equipment, Park World Recreation is proficient in the selection and management of its resources. It has played a significant role in the nation's economic growth by transforming the import-oriented playground industry through the development of new products for the export market. Its employees demonstrate their dedication, knowledge, creativity and above all, their interest in nurturing and developing youths making every playground project truly worthwhile.


We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers at an international level by providing products of the highest quality with efficient customer support and post-sales services. We seek to excel in every aspect of our operations and to continually improve our products to meet international standards.


We are grateful and honoured that our continuous efforts and contributions towards the industry have been recognized by our government and presented with:

Awarded Asia Pacific TOP Excellence Brand 2012
SME Recognition Award 2012
Trophy of SMI & SME Worldwide Network 2009
International Star for Quality Award 2007, Paris
Industrial Excellence Award 2003
SMI Best Product Award 2003
Selangor Industry Excellence Award 2002 by Selangor State Government
Landscape Industry Excellence Award 2001 by the National Landscape Department, Ministry of Housing and Local Government Malaysia
TUV EN 1176 Germany-European Safety Standard

SIRIM MS 966 (Part II) - Design Safety Standard

Industrial Excellence Award (Innovative Product) 2001 by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Malaysia (MITI)

International Star for Quality Award 2007, Paris
Park World Recreation was honoured to receive the prestigious Business Initiative Directions (BID) award in recognition of Quality and Excellence for delivering superior service. BID named Park World Recreation as one of the "Best Companies in Malaysia". Park World Recreation received international approval for effectiveness of customer support based upon a stringent set of performance standards and best practices in the industry.



All materials used are safe, durable and non-toxic. We believe it is essential that the playground items are of excellent quality, able to resist the sun and the constant use by children of all ages.

We are the only playground company in Malaysia to provide multiple layers of protection to all its metal components. This consists of hot-dip galvanizing, phosphatizing cleaning washed with a six bath system which includes a rust-inhibitive treatment and yellow dichromate coating before applying the super durable polyester powder coating or plastisol coating.

All connecting components (such as nuts, bolts and washers) are made of 100% stainless steel.

Our rotational moulded double-walled plastic parts are made of extra compounded-in colour resin with ultra violet stabilized polyethylene for maximum durability and style. They are excellent materials used to prevent warping and colour fading from extreme tropical weather.

All exposed posts, tops and pipe ends are fitted with injection moulded high density polyethylene cap, stabilized against ultra violet (UV) degradation and moulded in various colours, round in shape and smooth surfaced. They are installed and reverted in place for durability and to resist vandalism.

Our standard swing seats are made of top quality, durable and weather resistant rubber compounds, incorporated with proven impact absorbing effects.

Our swing chains are hot-dip galvanized and comes with plastisol oven cured finish to provide double protection from rusting.

Our high quality anti-clamp spring coils are wound from tempered alloy rod, finished with polyester powder coating to resist rusting.

All spring rider designs strictly follow the international safety regulations, built with round frontal components to minimize injuries occurring to children at play.


We possess the most advanced design automation and strong technical support for conceptual and custom-made playground designs.

We are capable of providing unlimited design concepts for maximum customer satisfaction.

We provide high quality control as the only manufacturer in Malaysia with the capability to have complete in-house production facilities to self-produce almost all the components.

Our skilled in-house installation teams led by our highly experienced technical managers ensure the best of our workmanship through all stages of production.


Exciting, exulting and exuberant all represent what X-plore stands for. X-plore invites adventure seekers to overcome new challenges. The play system encourages upper body fitness, stretching, balancing, and pleasure altogether! X-plore features rock net climbers, spider bounce webs and sky riders in revised and modern design configurations that cultivate new patterns of play.

Wet, wild and wacky is the way to go. Wet-Thrill's Shower Roofs, Sprinklers, Water Brellas and other wet components hold buckets of fun and kids will keep asking for more! Our quality workmanship, ease of operation, combined with proven materials reaffirms our commitment to provide safe, fun and healthy play environments.

Our playground system 'Interplay' incorporates enchanting and aesthetic designs combined with primary and secondary colours to stimulate children's development. 'Interplay' requires minimal adult supervision while providing maximum attention and assurance to safety at play.

Park World Recreation has been well received by the international market. With constant testing, versatile designs and high quality of materials, the existing projects illustrate examples of sleek, modern designs with distinctive configurations of horizontal loop ladders, arch climbers and rainbow tube slides.

There is a wide selection of swings, seesaws, spring riders and spring automobiles that cultivates curious and inspiring learners from a young age. The range of designs appeal and satisfy children's diversified tastes. Plastisol-coated swing chains are used to prevent rusting and entanglements, yet it ultimately provides speed and height for those who love the feeling of being carefree and being able to soar the skies.


Complimenting our vibrant and interactive playground systems is safety flooring which enables children to have a protected play area with room for unrestrained fun! Our DURASafe inter-connecting rubber tiles have non-slip, porous and UV resistant features suitable for any weather conditions. DURASafe poured-in-place seamless flooring will ultimately complement and complete the exclusive fantasy world, both indoors and outdoors.

Reveal the mighty gladiator in you and outwit your opponent! Park World Recreation presents an opportunity for chess fans to attract and impress spectators with our Herculean chess game. Interplay Giant Chess offers a mental challenge combined with physical activity and nurtures a competitive spirit. With magnified chess pieces, you can now vanquish your opponent with style.

For young adolescents and adults, FitCare comprises of professionally designed and manufactured exercise stations, which comes with complete instructions and explanations. Specially designed fitness equipment for the elderly, Senior Fit Care features Double Mini Taichi and Power Treadmill to recapture and benefit from an energetic and healthy lifestyle.

Basic activities such as climbing, crawling and sliding are essential elements of physical development for pre-school children. Our play houses promote learning through simple shapes and colours, with the goal to provide education with play.


Welcome the latest addition to our existing assortment of gazebo, rotationally-moulded and rainbow roofs! Polyshades are easy to set up, offers sun and rain protection and they are available in an array of shapes and sizes.

One of the greatest aspects of designing playground systems with Park World Recreation is that any popular or bizarre idea can come to life! Whether it is the desire to be a prince, a princess, a pirate, a zoo keeper or all at once, the custom designed systems captivate the essence of childhood.


This series offer an extensive collection of benches with versatile designs, carefully selected for comfort, durability and craftsmanship. Regardless of the location, for personal or public use, their simple elegance can compliment and seamlessly merge with its surroundings. Available with matching trash bins.

Every climb is a new experience! With aesthetic real rock components and moulded climbing grips, rock climbers can try a vast number of ways to reach the summit. Equally fun is the taste of standing in mid-air with our flying fox that spans across 20 meters.


It's time to put your biking skills to a test! The series of challenging play equipment promises many bumpy obstacles. Twist and turn with the Zigzag Ride and balance yourself on the Up Down Beam. When you're ready, put on your helmet and off we go!


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